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DOS 4.53 720K Format

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you are most likely talking about MyDOS 4.53, aren't you ?!?


The first thing you have to do is use option "P" to set the density to double by typing the drive number, followed by D, e.g. if it is drive 1 it would be 1,D (or 2,D, 3,D, 4,D etc. for drives 2,3,4, etc.)


Next you have to use option "O" configure:

- drive number or return: type in the drive number

(with Return you configure the DOS for number of buffers, write with verify, etc.)

- remove drive: N(o)

- is drive configurable: Y(es)

- high-capacity drive: N(o)

(afaik, a Yes here assumes a harddisk...)

- is drive double-sided: Y(es)

- tracks per side: 80

- step rate: 0 (zero, not sure here, but afair, zero worked for me and my 3,5" drive)


When this nice configuration with very few questions has been completed, use option "I" to format your disk with 720kbytes MyDOS format, by typing "Y".


Once your drive is configured for 720k, you can format 1, 10, 100 or 1000 diskettes by just pressing I (format) and then Y. But as soon as you want to change the format (or coldstart the computer, reboot MyDOS) you have to do the whole MyDOS configuration marathon again...

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Hello Andreas, guys


If you use "H" (write DOS to disk), the configuration is saved. So you have to "do the whole MyDOS configuration marathon again..."






PS to all: Try using MyDOS 4.55 beta 5. It's a big improvement over 4.53.

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Hello tjlazer


A lot of bugs have been killed. XIO commando's didn't really work, that's fixed. And you no longer need the /3 and /4 versions, you can choose whether you want MyDOS to use 3 or 4 digits as a minimum for the sector count. MEM.SAV now works as intended. That's what I remember. It's been a while. A yes, and you can go back one subdirectory by entering :: (as in going back from Dx:SUBDIR1:SUBDIR2 to Dx:SUBDIR1)





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I am not sure but most XF conversions were step 3 but I could remember wrongly... I am staring at mine atm and tbh I only use it for back ups not boots.. when I first got it I made boot disks but no one else had one so.....I used it to back up stuff and run the cash register software...

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There is no beta 5 only beta 4.


Only thing I can add to Mathy's list of fixes is the

ED bug has been corrected where you are trying to make

a copy (J. Duplicate Disk) of an ED disk with all other MyDOS and it

never works out - now it does. The copied ED disk does not

have to be of the MyDOS type 3 ED disk either, it

will gladly render an exact copy of a type 2 DOS 2.5 ED



A basic problem with 4.53 is the display area will report

bogus information as to double sidedness etc. The source

code for it doesn't compile into the ATR distributed

either which makes the source code worthless. Somehow

when David released it, it had the oddity of repeated

sections within DOS.SYS and no clear idea here how

that came about except he stepped on it by some

process unknown. Then saved a non working source file

to then disappear from the face of the earth it seems.


I can't in good faith recommend it although I will

stand up for David and declare that some of his ideas

are so well thought out and brilliant, I've copied them

all into beta 4 4.55 MyDOS. 4.53 certainly has it's fans,

as long as it works for you that's great.

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4.55 beta 4? wow i thought it was beta 5 at one time as well....


I will have to give it a whirl, I only used MyDOS from way back when ... the in betweens always had one issue or another... so I ran back to the old or sparta or os a or xl or you get the picture...


4.55 4 will be put on the good ole MyIDE 1f :)

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