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Season 7 ~ Week 24 ~ Beat the Leaders Part 1


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River Raid game 1 B/B 289520 points almost 300k. I already broke my personal best. Is a funny thing that when I play just for fun never pass 200k, now I memorized what are the tricky parts where I need to speed up to get fuel.



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River Raid game 1 B/B 332140 points. Reaching my peak? Who knows, I can do better, but the matter is the time that I have to play, tomorrow is going to be a busy day, If I can make time in my day I will give a final try( my target? surpass 400k ).



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Season 7 will have:

~ One week to go!

This Season will last 25 weeks

The Medal Bracket Challenge will start shortly after the Season Ends


:_( probably I will not compete in the brackets, I will be on vacation and not sure if I will have time.

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With the dog getting killed and all, my heart really wasn't into much of anything this week, but then I used River Raid to work out some of my grief and managed to get a score that (for me) is somewhat respectable. So this one's for Nunzio, the best corgi dog ever!



River Raid



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18,360 :|


I last played this one in maybe the late 80s. I've since been spoiled by the C64, A8, INTV, and 5200 ports which, to me, blow this away. Not sure what's really different, but nowadays, its' best feature seems to be screen saver mode, lol. Now moving from my small collection to the free-to-good-home pile.



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Beat the leaders? I'm not even in the same league. Incredibly, this is probably the highest score I've ever had at this game, and it might be enough to beat a small chimpanzee, but I wouldn't count on it. Chimpanzees are pretty clever. Also, I wouldn't want to beat a chimpanzee because it just seems cruel. I'm gonna' go eat a banana.


River Raid: 14390



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