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The mystery of Monkey Moon ;)

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The man looks like an astronaut and the name Monkey Moon suggests a space theme. I'm going to go ahead and guess that the "secret" is that, once he reaches the top, the astronaut can shoot the monkey with a laser in a Boss Battle.


And if that is not correct then... well, it should! Go and make it so! :lol:

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It looks really cool, nanochess! The only thing is that the background is a bit too repetitive, like when the Flintstones run through the house and you keep seeing the same table, lamp, and window pass by. ;)


Then again, I do not know the context, so perhaps it is not a cityscape or a star-field. :ponder:



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It could be an AI program designed to write its own Intellivision games, and then uploads its ROMs so no cartridges are harmed. When Nanochess wrote "I've been working on", either it refers to the AI program or that the AI impersonates him and posts by itself.

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Mystery revealed! Monkey Moon, Space Raider and Bouncy Cube are three amazing games provided with full source code and annotated examples to help you to learn to program the Intellivision using IntyBASIC in my all-new book of 192 pages with soft cover. :)


To be available in some weeks after proofreaders finish their job ;)


Follow this thread to get notice of the book being available and take advantage of the debut discount or just post to show your interest.


I'm self-publishing this book and at first it will be available at Lulu.com and in some weeks at Amazon.com




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There should be a special edition with 20 page blank-page chapter entitled "Snow Level."


Truer words have never been spoken!




You had me at SNOW!




Is that snow in your pocket or you happy to see me?




ok....Ill see myself out.........

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Hey Oscar, I'm a big fan of all your games and frankly amazed at how fast you come out with them, can I offer you a suggestion with this.


Not sure if that pic is the final cover or not but if it is, but I think you should wipe off the Intellivision and take a new picture, it's covered in fingerprints and smudges,


and maybe consider using a different font, the one you have is a bit hard to read and frankly a bit ugly.


No offence intended, just trying to be helpful, I'll buy a couple of copies regardless, and maybe even try my hand at programming haha.


Cheers, Steve

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