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I was getting kind of angry about the two songs that played in a lower volume than all the rest of them. Apparently I forgot that I made the volume not at max level for the first two songs, thus making them sound quieter than the rest of the ones I made for the game. So I decided to try something as a last resort. I went and made each note in both the songs louder. It was hard going note by note redoing what I had done before, but at least the composing of the songs was already done. So I think I'm happy now with the way the game has turned out so far.

Only once in my whole game testing did an onion ring come out unaccompanied by a milkshake. Everything else though works great now, so it's time to forge ahead with the rest of the game making. In other news, I bought a Wonderswan Color and it arrived today. I finally found some boxer shorts I have been looking forever for since they apparently don't make them any more. A few days ago, I found my missing Harmony cartridge. The ants on the kitchen counter came back though, which is really weird and stupid since there is no sugar where they are.

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