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SOLD: 130XE + extras


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I'm selling my Atari 130XE computer. It comes with a few extra that may be of interest to you.



First is an Atarimax SIO2PC USB interface, goes for $59.99 by itself. Also included but not installed is a UAV video upgrade circuit and a 512k ram expansion both bought from their creators here on Atariage.


The computer is in perfect working order but also included is a spare keyboard (still sealed). It comes with a composite/svideo monitor cable of nice quality.


The system also includes two 1050 floppy drives, one working but painted black (not by me, I bought it like that) and one original color, but that one isn't working for me so I include it for spare parts.


Finally, there an 850 interface in original box with some documentation that I've found, and a Supra MicroPrint centronic interface.


PSU for all are included and so is a DOS 2.5 original disk and manual.



Would trade for one of the following:

  • Amiga boxed games (PAL/NTSC, any chipset) of simillar worth. I'm looking for any style but educational or sports.
  • Amiga 500 Accelerator like the ACA500, Kipper2k 8mb+IDE or HC508
  • PAL C64/64C (The C64 must not be a 5 pin video model)
If you wan't to buy, make me a reasonnable offer.


Shipping is to be discussed.


Feel free to ask question if any.

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