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SIO2SD and booting D2, D3 etc straight on OSD question

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Hi friends,


I recently acquired this very good SIO2SD hardware.

Working very well to launch disk (ATR, XEX) from the menu on Atari 800XL, and assigned from D1 to D8 some of my favourite games.


But my question : Is it possible to lauch straight images of ATR/XEX attached to D2 or D3 or...D8... without launching the Sio2SD.xex loader ?


Did try to choose D2 or D3 on the OSD, then cold or hard boot the Atari but still loading D1 attached image.


Thanks for your help.



SIO2SD firmware 3.1 RC2




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Atari always boots D1: unless OS has hack for another drive number.


If sio2sd always gives menu.... turn off menu in sio2sd config...


then select D1: boot disk...


then power cycle or rest or whatever to boot


so device zero

menu off

D1: selected with your boot disk


and go for it...

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Depending on your firmware version there are 'virtual' drives....V1-V99, that you can assign ATR's to (not sure about .xex files). I've never really used them, but supposedly you can swap the virtual drives with D1 using Shift+K3. That would probably be the quickest way to change D1 without using SIO2SD.xex. Unfortunately, good english documentation for this device is hard to come by.

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and others will cover just about all you needs...

and it never hurts to go to the gucio site.


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