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UltraSatan successor CosmosEx available again!

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I can see the price being high if all you are looking for is a storage unit. But the CosmosEX has other features as well. Here is a link to Jookie's site for description.




  1. Hard Drive with SD Card
  2. Hard Drive with USB media
  3. Hard Drive with a shared folder on PC through networking
  4. Opens zip files like a folder
  5. Floppy Emulator
  6. Can use USB Keyboard, mouse and Joystick.
  7. Lightweight replacement of STing

I have not set up, but with the three ways to have mass storage, you can have 3 hard drives?

Easy transfer from PC using #3.

Eliminates the need for Gotek Floppy emulator.

Eliminates need for NetUSB.


$86 Ultrasatan

$51 NetUSB

$30 Gotek SD Floppy Emulator

$140 total Plus Shipping


$160 CosmosEX Plus shipping


Not so far out of line. Also in one unit instead of three.

I ask this because I do not know: Is there a program for the ST that opens zip files like a folder?

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I simply cannot justify the price...


Once you use one you'll justify it. Honestly I get the most use out of the Network Shared folder and 3 hot swappable floppy images. Being able to use my USB kb/mouse/joysticks is also a huge bonus. I wish I had a Falcon, I'd get this in a second.

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Trust me - you won't realize how cool this thing is until you try one. One stop shop for everything you'd need. Don't forget wifi and STiNG stack replacement. Fun fun!


I'd love to get one. Been waiting over a month for a response to my e-mail though..

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