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CBS Electronics games HELP

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So for my next box experiments I am going to make Intellivision versions of CBS Electronic (US) planned games,

according to their 1983 catalog they planned to release 8 games altogether.


5 of them were released for Atari systems so boxes are easy to find and modify ; Gorf, Wizard of Wor, Solar Fox, Omega Race and Blue Print.


The other 3 will be a bit trickier; Wings I have seen only a tiny box at the bottom of a full page ad,

Madden Football only a partially obscured cover in the same catalog,

and Domino Man not at all but enough other artwork I think I can mock something up.


Does anyone know where I can find better quality artwork of Wings and or Madden?


Thanks, Steve






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So as I expected, the 5 games already out for Atari systems were easy to Intellivisionize, though I'm still waiting for games I bought to do high res box scans


and replace the art I found online,


Domino Man I built from scratch using a brochure for the arcade version, so that was pretty easy too, and fun.




the two I'm struggling with are WINGS, only art I can find is tiny pic from bottom of an ad, I've built the box and the rest looks good but the front art looks like ass,


and MADDEN FOOTBALL, I don't think they ever did any work on at all apart from a fake box front partially obscured in their catalog.


Maybe I should forget about that one, I would have to really fake it, not even screenshots from any system to use....

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ok so here's a version with Joe Montana from the 1982 Super Bowl, I took a LOT of liberties with this one,

apparently Madden refused to sign off on a football game unless it had 11 players per side, which was way beyond the technology of 1983.

The first game that actually accomplished this and got his endorsement was a C64 game that came out in 1989.

I stole the game screenshot and some of the blurb on the back from that game, the pic of him on the back is from the 1983 CBS catalog,

if you look close he's holding the game with the "real" artwork in his hand.


What do you guys think? It's not the box design they originally planned but that seems impossible to find, and the game never really existed

even as a prototype.

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If you send me a picture that will work I will consider switching it :) The bottom is closed, a mirror image of the top.


Weirdly the Atari versions that came out the right spine is an upside down copy of the left spine, which means everything is upside down.


I have "fixed" that on these Intellivision versions





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