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FS: Color Computer 3 with Dual Mini-Disk and Interface, 1040ST


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I tried but just couldn't get into the Coco 3 scene, so I am selling my rig. Sorry for the potato quality screenshots but the Dell monitor really does not do the Coco composite display justice.


Coco 3 works beautifully, it is stock and the keyboard is crisp. It comes with the Color Computer Mini-disk interface and the dual mini-disk unit.


Drive 1 works well, Drive 0 is unreliable and will generate I/O errors most of the time (I have used it successfully, but usually it will stop reading or formatting a disk half way through, whereas Drive 1 works every time). Not sure what the issue is.


I would like to sell it for $200 + shipping.




Heads up that next week I should be selling a 1040ST. I finally have an STE coming and will need to sell an ST to cover the costs.


What does an NTSC 1040ST, no mouse, go for these days?






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