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32bit 6502?


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Have you seen this???



Maybe for future turbocards experiments...

Rob has a 32 bit 65816 too. Ive used his 16 bit 65816 core on the Ultimate Cart Veronica clone, though have yet to try the 32 bit core. Perhaps its worth a look if the 65816 core is running well. Did anyone try it out on their ultimate btw? Edited by foft
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In ANTIC Interview 96 - Bill Mensch, co-creator of the 6502 talked about the 65C832.

"When you trip over from working with my 816, to something competitive, you need about a thousand engineers, and so that's why I never did it. Now did I specify it? Can you find a datasheet for the 65C832? You can. Do we have a product named the 65C832 PXB for "Programmable Accellerator Board"? We do, we have one of those, we sell those. So the thing is, when you go from the 816, you have to add about 500 engineers."

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