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Astrocade controller pins


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Hi all. Just picked up an astrocade but the controller is a bit flakey. I have a competition pro joystick for an Atari 2600 I was thinking to modify to use with the astrocade (won't have a potentiometer on it for now). Using this controller since the end plug can be easily opened and the pins switched around inside yet plug. I followed instructions online and swapped the plug wires but all I can get is up motion, nothing else seems to work. Can somebody give me the run down if which pin controls what on the astrocade's controller plug male side? This is the instruction I've been going off of:


Bally/Astrocade Atari


Controller port Joystick port


1. Trigger 1. Paddle B

2. Right 2. Right

3. Left 3. Left

4. Down 4. Down

5. Not Connected 5. Up

6. 50K Pot (Knob) 6. Paddle A

7. Ground 7. Ground

8. Pot end 8. +5v (Paddle end)

9. Up 9. Fire Button

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Can somebody give me the run down if which pin controls what on the astrocade's controller plug male side?


It looks like you have the Astrocade and Atari joystick port information from the Bally/Astrocade FAQ, here:




The section called "Joystick Port Information / Controller Adapter" explains how to make an adapter so that you can use any Atari-style joysticks on the Astrocade. I recommend you make the adapter rather than modifying your joystick. I've make an adapter using the method described in the Astrocade FAQ and it works very well: I'm able to use CX-40 joysticks on the Astrocade. I've also rewired NES controllers to work as Sega Master System controllers, which therefore work on my Astrocade because the SMS controller is mostly-compatible with all 9-pin Atari-style consoles and computers.


The drawback to using Atari joysticks on the Astrocade, of course, is that the joysticks don't support the Astrocade's hand controller knob. Thus input to the game menus must be entered via the 24-key keypad. Also, games that require the knob can't be used. This is a small price to pay for the ability to use Atari-compatible joysticks on the Astrocade, but keep in mind that Astrocade joysticks are pretty nice to begin with; they're comfortable and rather elegant to use. If you are able to use original Astrocade hand controllers, then you may as well use them, for they make the Astrocade experience more genuine.



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There';s another site where I got the Atari/Bally switch: http://www.glankonian.com/~lance/Hack.html


Also wondering if a) anyone can build a 9 Pin to 9 PIn adapter for Atari Joyhstics working on Astrocaede controllers? There's an Intelliviosn 9-pin-to-9pin adapter maker for Intellivision and he says he'll only do it for the few things he knows how to wire quickly. Can someone be hired for an Atari->Bally converter. I want to use My Playstaiton 2 Right Handed Fight Stick attached to a Tototek PS2-> Genesis adapter.


Should the Genesis controllers act like a 1-button Atari controller when not plugged in Genesis? Same with 7800 and Colecovision controllers? And if that's true, will they work in an Astrocade with the proper adapter?


I'd like to hire someone to make a 9-Pin Atari-> 9 Pin Bally controller adapter.

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