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2018 Activision Summer Patch Quest!


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Welcome one and all, here is the 4th annual Summer patch quest! It's become a tradition in these parts to take a few weeks each Summer and try to qualify for as many Activision patches as time allows. Activision may not honor the times/scores anymore, but we still have fun going for the gold (or silver or bronze) in Decathlon, etc.


So, let's have some fun! From now until Labor Day. here are the qualifying times/scores. Feel free to post screenshots as you go, encourage each other, and have a (Laser)blast!


Here are the games target scores and times:

Activision Decathlon:

8,600 Points (Bronze Medal)
9,000 Points (Silver Medal)
10,000 Points (Gold Medal)

Barnstorming (Flying Aces):

Game 1: 33.3 seconds, or
Game 2: 51.0 seconds, or
Game 3: 54.0 seconds

Beamrider (Beamriders):

40,000 Points and complete Sector 14

Chopper Command (Chopper Commandos):

10,000 Points

Crackpots (Crackpots):

75,000 Points


80,000 Points (Friends of Dolphins)
300,000 Points (Secret Society of Dolphins)

Dragster (World Class Dragster Club):

6.00 Seconds or less

Enduro (Roadbusters):

Survive 5 or more game days

Freeway (Save the Chicken Foundation):

20 Points in Game 3 or 7

Frostbite (Frostbite Bailey's Arctic Architects):

40,000 Points

Grand Prix (Grand Prix Driving Team):

Game 1: 0:35 or
Game 2: 1:00 or
Game 3: 1:30 or
Game 4: 2:30

H.E.R.O. (Order of the Hero):

75,000 Points

Ice Hockey (Activision All-Star Hockey Team):

Win against the computer opponent

Kabobber (Kabashers):

50,000 Points

Kaboom! (The Activision Bucket Brigade):

3,000 Points

Keystone Kapers (Billy Club):

35,000 Points

Laser Blast (Activision Federation of Laser Blasters):

100,000 Points
(Special Stripe Patch): 1,000,000 Points

Megamania (Megamaniacs):

45,000 Points

Oink! (Oinkers):

25,000 Points in Game 1

Pitfall! (The Activision Explorers' Club):

20,000 Points

Pitfall 2 Lost Caverns (Cliff Hangers):

99,000 Points

Plaque Attack (The No Plaque Pack):

35,000 Points

Pressure Cooker (Short-Order Squad):

45,000 Points

Private Eye (Activision Super Sleuth):

Solve Case 3

River Raid (Activision River Raiders):

15,000 Points

Robot Tank:

4 Squadrons/48 Tanks (Medal of Merit)
5 Squadrons/60 Tanks (Cross of Excellence)
6 Squadrons/72 Tanks (Star of Honor)

Seaquest (Sub Club):

50,000 Points

Skiing (Official Member of the Activision Ski Team):

28.20 Seconds or less in Game 3

Sky Jinks (Activision Sky Stars):

37.00 Seconds or less in Game 1

Space Shuttle:

Dock 5 Missions with 4500 Fuel (Space Shuttle Pilot)
Dock 6 Missions with 7500 Fuel (Space Shuttle Commander)

Spider Fighter (Spider Fighters):

40,000 Points

Stampede (The Activision Trail Drive):

3,000 Points


3,800 Points (Order of the Supreme Starmaster)
5,700 Points (Leader)
7,600 Points (Wing Commander)
9,000 Points (Starmaster)


Win one match against the computer opponent

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Enduro (Day 10)



Frostbite (Game 3)



OINK! (Game 1)



Crackpots (Game 1)



The cartridges which I inserted on my ProSystem console to play these Activision games and start my particiption on this thread - Polyvox and CCE products.

When I was a kid, I played Frostbite with Polyvox cartridge and Dactar Video Game console (an Atari 2600 clone).


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