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atari2600land's Blog - Pokemon Party Mini 2 - Jul. 1, 2018


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It is a hot, lonely day, so I decided to return to work on my Pokemon Mini game I was working on. I completed the Electrode minigame. I tested it a lot and I never once scored above 100 points. But I got so furious trying to pput more than one song in the game. It kept giving me a buzzing noise. So I made the song a third sound effect and that worked. Why is it OK that I can have more than one sfx and only one song? I must be doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what.

Now I need to think up of a third mini game. Preferably something not involving random numbers since the Pokemon Mini has no random number generator and I have to rely on button presses for random number generating. So I guess I could do something with "random" numbers.

I don't know if I could do a Doodle Jump-type game on this thing. The screen is not very wide. Perhaps if I made the player tilt the Pokemon Mini sideways. Or just do it now. I also need to think of a type of Pokemon that is suitable. I don't know any Pokemon but the people on the Pokemon Mini forums can be helpful...if they show up. Somebody today put up a Togepi's Great Adventure for sale on there. It irks me that the prices are so high that I can't afford it. I mean, they're all the same cartridge. All Pokemon Mini cartridges look similar and are made similar, just like any other cartridge-based console, yet just the fact that some certain game was put onto it makes it hundreds of dollars more expensive? What sense does that make?

Perhaps I didn't get enough sleep. Apparently 11 hours isn't enough.

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