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Seeking speaking programs by Jim Foust


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Hi folks:

I am a blind user in Dalton, GA.

Many years ago, when I had a TI 99/4A, I was sent a disk of programs written by a gentleman in the Atlanta area named Jim Foust, that were all written to use the Terminal Emulator II text-to-speech capibility.

Among other things, he wrote an addressbook/HAM call look-up program, a checkbook program, a hangman game, and even a rudimentary word-processor, all written in TI BASIC.

I am searching through content on WHTECH, but, so far, haven't been able to find these programs. I thought they might have been shared from Atlanta to other groups, but, so far, no success.

Can't remember all the file names, but, the word-processor was named "WORDFOUST" and the checkbook program was named "BANK'N".

If any of you have seen them and know where I could obtain them again, I would really appreciate the help.


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Awesome! Welcome to the group. I'll start looking through my files and see what I can come up with. I know some users on here have an insane library of stuff in their personal collections. I have a good bunch of stuff, but not like some. :)


In the meantime, I might suggest getting ahold of a guy on here named schmitzi. He keeps up a fairly extensive database of all things TI related and he might be able to point you in the right direction.


Good luck!

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