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I noticed a typo in the other thread for theatarifan2k, so I'm making a new one with the correct title.


theatarifan2k sold me an Xbox 360, and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He even ended up losing a few dollars on the shipping, but didn't mind at all; really a gracious seller.


Item was packed well and arrived super fast, will absolutely do business with again!

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I'm sorry to have to leave negative feedback, but I'm really pretty disappointed it in user. However, I have not lost any money here so maybe this is uncalled for? In some forums that end on -Age, "time wasting" is considered an offense though, so I'm thinking this should be okay...if it isn't, I will delete this, of course.


Anyway, this guy had a number a few Nintendo games I wanted to purchase from him, and we negotioated for quite a while, mostly because his prices went up and down. I offer 35 for a game, he says he wants 40, I agree, then he wants 45. I get confused, he then says it was a mixup in his messages, and now in the end he decides he does "not feel comfortable selling to me". Excuse me?


All this trouble got amplified by the fact the was unwilling to do international shipping, but since he had several games I REALLY want I dragged some other person from on here into this mess, who was incredibly nice being willing to forward the package on to Germany for me. Now all this trouble and a lot of time checking up prices to send him offers, not to mention days of writing messages back and forth, all for nothing.


I'm sad and confused and have no idea what happened there. All in all that was a pretty bad experience. :(

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I got a couple untested Xbox One controllers (one with BT) and a stereo headset adapter for one controller for just shipping. The controllers are a nice cleaning and repair project as they both work and are definitely worth the effort.

The shipping was fast, even over a holiday weekend. Awesome seller!

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