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Two versions of INTV and VCS Donkey Kong from Coleco?

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I just came across this flier:




It opens into 3-panels with descriptions of each game. What I find odd is Donkey Kong being included, which I thought was released for Intellivision and 2600 at the same time it was a pack-in for the Colecovision. Was this an earlier version? It has a 1981 copyright date inside, as do most of the others (Smurf and Zaxxon are '82 though).


If so, what was the quality of it? If not, then what's with Coleco releasing all these games on competing consoles when they had just released their own? I know their reasoning behind the Donkey Kong ports but were these others purposely downgraded ports as well? I just don't see why they would've done this in '82. '83-'85 I could see why, but not '82.

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Atari 2600 Donkey Kong shipped first in July 1982. The Intellivision version shipped in August 1982 about the same time as coleco vision. The 1981 copyright is Nintendo's. The catalog has a 1982 date.


The poor Intellivision version is likely due to an inexperienced and rushed programmer. You can say Coleco did it on purpose as they likely gave it a smaller budget but I doubt they instructed the programmer to intentionally do inferior work. Programming the Atari 2600 was just difficult especially for newcomers.

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This Coleco Catalog was recreated and included in the AtariAge Ladybug limited boxed collector's edition.

Had Coleco actually made the Ladybug game piictured, this catalog would have been in the box.

I remember it from back then. It was how us kids learned about upcoming games.

Don't go looking what else hasn't been created yet! :roll: Just wish for better versions of Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, and Carnival... yeah, that.

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