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I have a Youtube Channel all about Classic Gaming, it's called Classic Gamer 74. I cover games and game systems like:


Odyssey II,

Atari 2600,

Atari 5200,

Atari 7800,





Super Nintendo,

Super Famicom,




Apple II

Sega Genesis


I would appreciate your likes and subscriptions. Here is a link to the latest episode:

Thank you for your support and please don't forget to leave comments and make suggestions. Thank you!

PS I also plug Atariage all the time.

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Nice review! I didn't even know about the last two "return of the Jedi" games. I love this history about (cancelled) games!

Feedback: I can clearly hear the cutoffs in the sound, maybe you can find a way to reduce the noise (or also include some noise in the audio that was cut-out )


Anyway, keep those review coming. I did subscribe!

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