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Help me fix this 1994 Super mario World Clock


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So I grabbed this yesterday for $15, it was not working. I was able to push the clock hands down and the clock portion works. I am now trying to get the music part working. I have already determined the speaker is bad as it gives no ohms.


I went out and got a new speaker but it is slightly different. The stock speaker is an 8ohm .25w. The new speaker is an 8ohm .5w. When I pull an ohm check on the new speaker it reads 6.8ohms.


I have been looking into the transistor now which I think is bad as well. It says on it.



4 C H



emitter, base, collector, left to right.


LOL common sense just hit me. The small pcb has the negative terminal going to the board and it connects to the outside collector so since that is negative, then this has to be npn.


It appears to be bad so time for a new one. of these as well.






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