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Removing RSA check form 3DO BIOS/ Replacement for ROM chips


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Dear AtariAge forum


Recently I found out interesting 3DO stuff.


- In some Japanese 3DO FZ-1 theres is a single SOP44 ROM chip which does contain BIOS and Kanji fonts on the same package. The second ROM slot on the board is left blank.

- SOP44 3DO ROM chips can be read as if they were 29LV160 chips (eg. AM29LV160**, MBM29LV**, MX29LV160**, ES29LV160**, HY29LV160**, the asterices being any letter)

- BIOSes can be written on to AM29LV160DB and AM29LV160BB. Probably on the rest of the afore mentioned chips too.

- The RSA check can be removed from the BIOS by changing the two occurrences of 000313A0000111A0 into 000313A0000011A0. It is important to leave the 000213A0000111A0 as it is.

- Without RSA check all arcade games and unlicensed games will run on home console 3DOs

- M2 games did not run on such systems yet and probably won't


Member Tajigamer was a invaluable help during these explorations!


Keep on preserving stuff, kind community!

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M2 games did not run on such systems yet and probably won't


Yeah, M2 is a different beast.


It's a bit odd. The 3DO has a reasonably complex OS and set of APIs and they advertised a lot that this helped make the software work on different systems without needing to rewrite. Even in the SDK as I recall. This might be true in regards to the GPU, DSP, controller bus, etc. but the system still needed to be ARM based so the software could run in the first place. Yet their followup was PPC based. It was more about giving some flexibility in the implementation than providing a multi generational abstraction.

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