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XBOX One Compatibility WISH LIST - 18 Original XBOX Games I want added NOW!

Metal Jesus

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Microsoft is showing the X360 a lot of love...but the original XBOX still has a bunch of great titles that I would love to see added to their XBOX ONE compatibility list. Here are 18 I'd like added!
Test Drive Eve of Destruction
Phantom Dust
Otogi 1 & 2
Stubbs the Zombie
007 Everything or Nothing
Call of Cthulhu
Burnout 3
X-men Legends 1 & 2
Timesplitters 2
Timesplitters Future Perfect
The Suffering
The Suffering Ties that Bind
Outrun 2
Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast
Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf
Phantom Dust
What OG XBOX games would you like to see Microsoft add to XBOX ONE backwards compatibility?
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Here's my list.

  • Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
  • Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
  • Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1
  • Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2
  • Colin McRae Rally 04
  • Colin McRae Rally 2005
  • Fatal Frame
  • Fatal Frame II
  • Midway Arcade Treasures
  • Midway Arcade Treasures 2
  • Midway Arcade Treasures 3
  • Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Collection
  • Outrun 2
  • Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast
  • Project Gotham Racing 2
  • Rallisport Challenge 2
  • Richard Burns Rally
  • Taito Legends
  • Taito Legends 2
  • Test Drive Eve of Destruction

And while I wouldn't consider them as key titles, I'd like to see Atari Anthology, Doom 3, and Half-Life 2. All three are basically already available on the XB1 thanks to the Atari Flashback line and 360 backwards compatibility. But the AtGames collections on the XB1 lack a way to play Battlezone and the pair of first person shooters were technical showcases on the original Xbox that I'd love to see running on a Xbox One X in 4k just out of curiosity.


I don't expect much to be happening with this list, but it is a wish list after all, so I don't have to be realistic with my selections. But hopefully a few pop up and surprise me such as the pair of Capcom compilations that are probably two of the most viable candidates here.

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That's Xbox 360, but I'd love to see it (And Sega Rally Online Arcade) be added as well. :)


Most of my top 360 wishes are Sega published releases in fact. These two, Outrun Online Arcade, Afterburner Climax, and Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection would all be nice to have on the Xbox One and top my wish list there.


The non-XBLA portion of Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade would also be nice to see for another 360 release. Lots of arcade games and other than a couple on the backwards compatible Pac-Man Museum release, none of them are playable on the Xbox One today.


Wouldn't even need the Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Collection if this one ever happens, since all those games and many more are on the 360 follow-up. No such luck so far though, even though I think the Xbox Live Arcade portion of the disc is all backwards compatible now.

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Yep!! two really cool FPS games that few people still talk about!!

Yeah, definitely. Painkiller in particular would really benefit too as it seems it has an uncapped framerate but it fluctuates all over the place. If it was make backwards compatible it would likely get the 60fps boost across the board like Morrowind did. That would be nice.

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You've got Phantom Dust listed twice. While I appreciate your enthusiasm for the game, it's worth mentioning that it's already on Xbox One... and was free for a while.


Personally, I'd like to see Capcom vs. SNK 2. It's on a lot of systems already, but I would like to play it on Xbox One specifically (and without that aggravating bug that stops the music when you score a super KO). Links is another game worth looking into; a perfectly pleasant golf game that I thought was better than Tiger Woods 06 on the Xbox 360.

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You've got Phantom Dust listed twice. While I appreciate your enthusiasm for the game, it's worth mentioning that it's already on Xbox One... and was free for a while.



My social media editor was out that week....


Naw. Who am I kidding. I do all of this myself...and yep, nobody to look over my shoulder for mistakes and boo boos.

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