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coding project 2600

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This game is coming along quickly! My high score so far is 900.


Not sure how it happened, but I got stuck behind the left wall. I couldn't get out, and after dying, I respawned in the same place. Also, I noticed that after you die, the enemy tank moves down a row, but after you shoot it, it moves back up to the top. Is that supposed to happen?

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You can use a byte of RAM to control the "level difficulty". When you set aspects of the game, say the speed of the enemy, speed/size of enemy missile, etc. you can use the "level difficulty" byte to pick values from tables. This way you can customize each and every level.

At least, that's one way you could do it. You could also use this to make each level use a different color scheme, for instance.

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is there any way to get a higher play field resolution :?


You could use the multi sprite kernel and fake scrolling by using the extra virtual sprites.


Or, you could try Superchip RAM and see if the pfscroll commands work for your engine.



UPDATE: Oops.. nevermind about scrolling. Got confused as to what you wanted. Karl Gs suggestion sounds good :)

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the story of the game: the evil morph man was born in a lab accident and he found that no matter what he had (lab equipment he stole after the indecent mostly) he wanted more, and he could have it, because of his ability to morph into any thing, he became a bank guard and stole the money. robot-x notices him one day and follows him to his layer. inside morph man spots him and hides in his lab room and sends out the tanks. now you control robot-x you must stop the evil morph man before it is to late and he steals all of the money in the world.

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