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List of ps3 titles that support custom music


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SuperCar Challenge is the only one I know that does it natively.


Other than that, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes has a playlist of like ~20 slots you can import music to from the PS3 hard drive, you can even assign it to different things like having a specific song play when the helicopter comes to pick up POWs you've rescued (I like to have Pantera - Cowboys From Hell play when that happens, it syncs up perfectly with the helicopter approaching with the song's intro and the song starts exactly when the chopper arrives), but there's a very annoying downside, the game lags to a complete halt for a few seconds every time it loads a new song, it really breaks the flow of the game, which is a shame.

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Does PlayStation work different than xbox? You could play your music collection on most any game. It just replaced in game music, and a few games would post a blurb when you started that you might not get the best experience if you used your music. I'm sure there were some that wouldn't let you play your own music, guitar hero likely.


Anyhow, think the music had to be installed on your hdd, rather than a flash drive, and some, you had to start the music before the game, but for the most part everything supported external music.

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