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Panasonic PVM H1350 only giving black and white picture

Noel Comix

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Hey gang. I recently came across a Panasonic PVM monitor with RBG. However, I'm still waiting on SCART to BNC cables so in the mean time I thought I would try S-Video and composite. Sadly, I'm only getting a black and white picture. I've tried playing with the rgb to ypbpr switch, 75 omega hi-z switch and all the front switches in various ways. I'm out of ideas. I really hope RBG works. Any ideas?


PS I have no ability or desire to open this thing up.




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Is it connected with Y/C in form of two BNC connectors, similar to the back of a 1084? Is it possible that you have swapped them around, feeding the luma as chroma and chroma as luma? I suppose for gear like this, NTSC or PAL would not matter and I've been using lesser Sony monitors that automatically accept both anyway.

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Hey! It uses a regular s video jack. Thankfully scart to rgb works great!! Would be nice if the others worked as well but I'm greatful rgb works. I love it. I have to say my 1084s can look quite good with monster s video. Testament to that monitor.

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