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Anyone own a Vecflash SERIAL version ?


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I have just got a Vecflash serial version, including the serial cable. I had to google the serial drivers. The included readme states.


1) Connect cable to PC's serial port and VecFlash
2) Run the loader software
3) Switch on the Vectrex
Place your game .bins in the same directory as the loader, or put vfm.bin into your game folder
I don't have anything with a serial port, only a old DOS PC - but this is DOS only. So I have ordered a decent-branded serial to usb converter.
I take it, from the readme. Connect everything up, run loader with vecflash in the Vectrex (Vectrex switched off). Switch on the vectrex, copy over the bin files - assuming the converter cable works.
then ??? Just wait ? When the files are across, switch off the Vectrex, then back on and the files are there in the menu ?
Because this cart is old, I think it's 2004, Googling for help, mostly gives results for the USB version, which is a different method to the serial one - You don't need the Vectrex for the USB version.
And, anyone know the capacity of the cart ? How many bins can it hold ?
Any help, most welcome.
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I don't see how you can use it with the Vectrex switched off - the cartridge gets its power from the Vectrex. It can't be powered by the serial cable.


It has a 62256 static ram inside so should take a single image up to 32K


Oh wait - I'm describing the Vecram with serial connection. Yours is a vecflash? Never mind...



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