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Blockbuster - game released

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1 hour ago, fabrice montupet said:

Thank you! It's a very good game!

And thank you for feedback.

1 hour ago, fabrice montupet said:

Do you think resume the development of Restless II?  I like it ?

I did note your request to add stuff to Restless II. I haven't made that many more notes. Right now I'm trying to decide on which game to concentrate on. Unfortunately Restless III is not in the Top 5. I have to go for something where most of the design work is done.


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Thanks for a nice review at TI-99/4A Game Shelf.


Yet another easy to pick up but supremely addictive game by Sometimes. The premise is based on stacking 3 or 4 same-colored tiles in a rapidely extending stack, with the twist being that you will be dealing with two, not one stack! There is a time limit which gets progressively shorter with each level, so quick thinking will be a must here. Beautifully rendered in vibrant colors and silky smooth animations accompanied by excellent sound effects. Love it!


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On 7/22/2018 at 4:13 PM, sometimes99er said:

2019.12.29 I've found a bug, that only shows up in the disk version here at my end. I forgot to clear a memory location used for scoring. Files updated.


Filename: BLOCK


- - - - -

The idea will be to insert pairs of colored blocks into two piles, one on either side of the screen. Create a group of three or more adjacent blocks of the same color and they'll disappear, gaining you points. Pile up too many and you lose the game.



For whatever reason I missed this one until the high score competition selected it.  Love the game!

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