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DIY: USB Rotary Control w/Atari style knob


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8 hours ago, fdr4prez said:

Any rough time frame for orders/pre-orders? 

I'm shooting for sometime in October (late maybe). I plan on contacting everyone on my list once I have these ready to go.

Looking at my list I see I have you listed for possibly two units. Is this still correct?


Once I contact everyone on my list I will then put them up for regular sale.

Many of the people on the list didn't purchase the first time around and I want to make sure they get a chance to buy one.


So for everyone else, if you want to be on the list just let me know and I will add you to the list.

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17 hours ago, x=usr(1536) said:

Registering interest as well.  One unit, 0.75" shaft length, please.

Your on the list.


On 10/15/2019 at 3:04 PM, ShaolinMonk said:

@pboland Any progress on the spinners?

Yes, Here's a couple pics to show the progress. I'm thinking first week of November I will be contacting people on the list.



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On 10/22/2019 at 7:13 PM, Swami said:

I’ll take 2, please. 

You are on the list (and the last one for this list).



For those on the list I will be contacting you via PM in about a week to finalize details with your orders.


At this point I can not put any more orders on the list as I don't have the materials to make any more at this time.

Once this current run of orders is completed I will start a new list.



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On 9/3/2020 at 2:14 AM, zanzcat said:

Not sure if the Cyclone II is still available, but if so please contact me at ZANZCAT@aol.com.  Thanks!

I have you on the want list for one Cyclone III (the Cyclone II is no longer made).




For all those on the want list (which totals 18 units currently). I will be contacting you via personal message here on AtariAge in about a week with details. We are getting really close... More to come. Sorry for the delay. This year has been crazy!



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19 hours ago, ClassicGMR said:

What's the Cyclone III got that the others ain't got? :)

Functionally it's exactly the same as the II. Because of all the craziness this year, my parts cost jumped. I didn't want to up the price on the spinner, so I had to redesign it to use less costly parts. It's now a unibody design and mainly 3d printed and it's still has the same bolt pattern as well. Here's a couple pics of my test spinner:




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I'm sure pboland is sick of seeing my (face/avatar/words/etc) in his threads being a fanboy but I will tell you that this - seriously - is a great product. The ability to add arcade buttons to my enclosure (Cyclone II + III) and USB plug n play (all) are fabulous.


My original is on my arcade cabinet and I use the buttons on my cabinet to fire. The II is in its own box with arcade buttons on it and that gets ported around with my emulation laptop.

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I recently got my Cyclone III, and while unfortunately it won't work on my PS2 as I had hoped, I decided to still build the controller as I intended to, only now for PC/MAME use:




Nothing too flashy...simply the necessary controls required for Tempest, and enough real estate for the artwork, and comfortable long-term play ergonomics.  Built into a Hammond 14" x 8.25" aluminum enclosure (reinforced & weighted), with the Cyclone III, (2) Sanwa OBSF-30 silent (black) push-buttons, and the control panel artwork is a scaled-down copy of the Tempest cabaret cabinet's CPO.  I even added a cord cleat to the rear of the housing to wrap up the USB cable when not in use.  I still suck at Tempest...but it's a lot more enjoyable to play now!

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