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Odyssey 2 Working on Retroarch!


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I just realized... Are you using onscreen controls or a Bluetooth gamepad? Because I think those lines only work so the Bluetooth gamepad controls left joystick...


Hi, I use Gamepads on all my systems:


- RetroArch for Windows running on PC / Windows 7

- RetroArch for Android TV running on Nvidia Shield

- RetroArch for Android TV running on Sony Android Smart TV.


On Windows, I use XBOX 360 wireless controllers connected to the PC via Microsoft USB wireless receiver


On Android TV, I use Android Bluetooth gamepads (from NVidia Shield and a generic one). I never tried RetroArch on phone or tablet.


But overall, in all 3 systems the gamepad left-stick doesn't work at all.


I play Odissey2 games on RetroArch with the D-pad for movements and B-button for firing/jumping.


Any suggestions ?


Thanks a lot for the support.

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One last suggestion (I've gotten Bluetooth controllers to work with futzing with some weird settings).


Attach 2 Bluetooth controllers. Try both (1) 2 Bluetooth gamepads and (2) 1 Bluetooth gamepad and 1 Bluetooth gamepad in keyboard mode (or an actual Bluetooth keyboard). Then futz with input /controller settings...


Good luck.

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I have two Bluetooth controllers as well.


In this case however, there is no issue. RetroArch recognizes both gamepads and I can play the left-stick-1P games with the 2nd controller.

I just wanted all games to start with right-stick-1P for consistency.


Regarding the XBOX 360 wireless controllers, I think there is a driver issue for Android TV. They work perfectly with RetroArch on Windows 7, but go crazy with RetroArch on Android TV.

Curiously they work well with RetroX on Android TV.


Thanks a lot for all the tips !

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