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Climber 5 Label Contest - Winner Selected!

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Hey Everyone, this is Jason =)


First a funny little story.


I click on my friend's page at LiveJournal.com and see the following entry:


"Congrats gamerave!" with a link option.


I was like, huh?


And then I saw the link, and about pee'd myself with glee. This was one hell of a contest, and to be honest, I have never won anything before in my whole life. No envelope art contests, no create-a-character contests...nothing. So you can imagine how overjoyed I am at winning this one. =) I have always wanted to have my name on something in the gaming industry besides a fan-zone and web-site...and now I got my wish.


I want to say that I can't imagine how much stress Dennis was under, nor would I want to. When I saw the first few entries, I almost didn't enter. There are some seriously talented people in these forums and you should all be proud of yourselves. I collect for damn near every system, and the Atari Age forums defintely have some of the best fun loving fans around.


And if it helps, I've ALWAYS wanted to do a label like that, where the picture doesn't conform to the mold. Some of my favorite games were chosen not for the game itself, but for the killer artwork style. I have always wanted a sort of anime look on an old school game. And yes, I rebuilt the 2600 label from scratch in photoshop. Nothing like taking a virtual eye dropper over pixels to make sure you get it right.


Here's hoping it's a best seller Dennis!


I can NOT wait till the next contest comes up. Here's to everyone having a great time climbing for their balls (rimshot).





PS: I *will* be doing a comic about this, yes-sir-ree :D

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Congrats, Jason! Nice work!


PS: I *will* be doing a comic about this, yes-sir-ree  :D


Y'know what would be cool... is if you could do a comic that could be included with the game. Either as a separate item or as part of the manual. (Assuming, of course, Dennis would be willing to go along with it.) That would be a nice little throw-back to some of the Atari games that included comic books with them. :)

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Congratulations Jason :!:


I'm sorry I hadn't been posting to this thread much. You're label was top notch. I hope you enjoy the game once it's done.


I also checked out your comic. I love it. You are one talented individual.

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Thanks guys! Votes of encouragement like that help out =)


Speaking of which, as soon as I get off my lazy butt I'm going to sit down with a friend, and with my artsy fartsy skills and his mad programming skills, see if we can make a good ol' homebrew.


I already have the subject matter planned...and it would be a tribute to one of the all time greatest multiplayer games ever!


And now that I think about it...I need to start working on this week's comic :D


(web-site updates thursday mornings :) )




o/~ Climber 5, Climber 5, Aye Aye Aye Staying Alive, Climber 5....o/~

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