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Extron 7SC fan


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I use these, shipping can be slow to US (faster shipping is available for a fee).


Phoenix to RCA


I love my 7SC just wish i had something that handled 240p a little better.


I looked into getting those. But I ended up just buying the RCA panel mounts exactly like the ones they are using for like .50 each at a local store. then just use some good quality copper wire I already had quite a bit of on hand to solder to and wire in. They stick out the back more than I'd like but I do have plenty of room for everything so it isn't an issue. Was much cheaper as well in the end.


As for the 240p issues, I'm confused on this? I've got my SMS running through the Extron without issue and it along with the SNES would NOT work through RGB on my TV directly. From the extron into the OSSC there aren't any issues.

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I know I'm Necro bumping this thread but thought some might be interested in two things I'm currently doing with my Extron 7SC. But first a quick comment on the Phoenix to RCA adapters that @dickcheney linked to.


These adapter at least on my Extron wouldn't fit properly because they block the lower BNC connections along the video inputs due to their height in sticking up as they do. So my original solution is still the best going forward for my uses.


Now, I did replace the fan in my Extron right after I got it as the original was loud and caused the entire case to vibrate. The replacement was an exact match in size but was higher RPM and still noisy. Well this weekend I decided to look into correcting that once and for all and I found that Noctua does a make a fan that will fit the bill. However, the mounting posts on the inside will only fit a fan with a width of 15mm to possibly 20mm. But Noctua doesn't seem to make anything that is thinner than 25mm. So I had to do a little creative dremel work to allow for the lock nuts to still fit so I could still mount the fan to the original screw posts. But the good news is that the entire thing is nearly silent running at this point. Pic of the Noctua fan installed is below and a quick video I did comparing the Sunon I had in it with the Noctua. To be fair I did use one of the lower output cables on the Noctua to drop the speed down to mid range. But that is still fine because I believe the original fan in the Extron was only specc'd to about 2200 rpm or so and the Sunon was running at 3000. The Noctua is running at 2400rpm with the lower noise cable attached.


BTW.. I checked and sure enough, all the low noise cables are is just a small extender that has a resistor off the + voltage side. My guess is you could do the same to any fan to reduce the fan speeds as needed. The Noctua cables use a 50R and 150R resistors in them depending on how much you drop the fan by. 


I also did look into changing out the main selector button lights with LEDs. This can be made to work pretty easily if you use small sized 460 - 500R resistor off the anode side of the LED. That will drop the current enough to not burn it out and if you make it all small enough, it will actually fit right into the socket the original bulbs plugged into. I already did this with a white LED I had on hand but did order some warm white ones to better mimic the original bulbs that I will be installing in the next day or two into my Extron. 




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