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Any Difference Between YPbPr vs YCbCr? Please Help!

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So this is driving me insane. After doing a lot of research (reading a bunch of technical articles, watching some informative videos on YouTube and talking to some enthusiasts,) I changed my extremely old Samsung 14-inch TV that I use for both retro gaming and watching actual TV for a 21-inch Hitachi that apart from the ancient RF connection also came with RCA, S-Video and Component connections. I was pretty excited about the last one because people say that component looks great and is one of the best way to experience some retro consoles. Growing up I've played exclusively on RCA so I've never had any experience with component. So here's the thing: I don't have any component cables, so I'm using RCA cables because people say they are the same thing (I'm using three cables for video and two extra ones for audio,) but I don't get an image. I've noticed that the TV says YPbPr and the receiver says YCbCr. Is there a meaningful difference between them? Some say that one is digital and the other one is analogue, but I couldn't confirm that. Is it possible that the board on my TV is broken? I hardly doubt it, since I've never talked to a person who cares or even knows what component is. In fact, I couldn't find component cables locally because no specialized store sells them. So can anyone help me solve this? Is there a meaningful difference between the two? Am I using the improper cables? Is anything broken? Will I be able to connect the PS1 and PS2 to component and play games or will the problem likely persist? Help!

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Digital video, e.g. mpeg, uses YCbCr. Until hdmi it was converted to analog for display. Some digital video recorders/cameras might have yCbCr outputs.


PS-1 natively has s-video output. I suggest using s-video. At standard definition it's similar to component and a significant improvement over composite.

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