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Intelligentvision 15th Anniversary Catalog – On Sale


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The 15th Anniversary Intelligentvision Catalog is off the press and ready for delivery. What's new? It includes 27 games that were released on cartridge through 2017 plus two more that were digital ROM releases. Screens and graphics for all of the games have been updated to make the colors more "TV accurate."


The previous catalogs have been retired. This is the definitive Intelligentvision catalog!






The price is $7.50, which is less than the 2015 catalog even though this new booklet is 4 pages larger. Postage is based on the number of copies ordered and their destination. I think I've got it estimated pretty well, but I'll make adjustments if I'm really off.


To order, head over to my Intv Extras website: www.markthompson.us/intellivision


Thanks Intvdave, Rev, and all of you for making this possible.

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Looks great. Btw, did I miss Air Strike being released or is it coming out later? Is this just the rom that was unfinished and floating around or did someone actually finish it and add in dogfights and whatnot? How did I miss this?

I was thinking the same thing, with Air Strike and Shark Shark,

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Any way to still purchase air strike and shark shark?


David's Air Strike update, called Air Attack, is posted here.


He posted the Shark Shark 2! ROM on his website's forum a few years ago, but I'm not aware of a place to get it today. Maybe he could be persuaded to post it on his ROM page. It's a lot of fun to play with two people.

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