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Want an AtariAge Badge for PRGE?

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I will make it this year again over the big pond...



Michael Lünzer

Koblenz, Germany


And if you could put a Defender Of The Crown for Jag away for me. that would be awesome. :)


Fantastic that you're going to make the journey all the way to Portland for the show! I'll make sure there's a badge waiting for you. And there should be plenty of copies of Defender of the Crown, as long as I get the boxes in time. :)



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We're going to make badges again for this year's PRGE. Complete with a fancy AtariAge lanyard! If you'd like one, please either post in this thread with your name, AtariAge handle, and location (CIty/State, Country, etc.) and we'll have a badge waiting for you at the AtariAge Booth. You don't have to have all this information on the badge if you just want, for instance, your name or handle displayed.


Here's what the badges looked like a few years ago. We'll have a new design for this year. :)


I’m staying local this year, attending the Houston Area Arcade Group Expo. Hope to have Ed Fries sign a couple of Halo 2600 carts for my sons.


Hope to see you all at next years PRGE.

Albert - any chance of making some for the HAAG expo in Houston for those of us going to that one (the same weekend)? Maybe print them off and send them to me, Rows, or Darrell in one package to hand out?


I know these gamers will be in attendance: "sramirez2008", "MajorHavoc", Darrell Spice Jr, Ed Fries, "Rowsdowner70", "Atarius Maximus", me.......

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