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Surgical Strike Sega 32X with Streets of Rage Music Collection


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I actually own this...


The SoR OST is a soundtrack CD for the first game. However, half of the tracks are in fact missing from the CD. Speculation is that this CD wasn't originally listed to be included so it was figured that these CDs were known to have a bad pressing and were tossed in as a bonus freebie to get rid of them.


Some CD players will show all the tracks, but then nothing plays beyond the middle track, or the other tracks just don't appear at all such as on my testing. So yeah..only about half the tracks are actually there.


As for the game...well...it is Surgical Strike with more colors but still basically the same as the Sega CD release of the game. It is an FMV game where you control a cursor on the screen to shoot down incoming fire and bad guys that appear.

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