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Dragon Warrior VII for the Playstation or Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS?

Mark Shepherd

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I had a hard time trying to find a Sony Playstation forum. For just the regular Playstation One. If there is one could the moderator move this post to that? But anyway I am thinking about buying a dragon warrior game and probably a new system on ebay or somewhere to play the Dragon Warrior game. The only two that I am considering are Dragon Warrior VII for the playstation. Not Dragon Warrior VII for the Nintendo 3DS (ewww!). And the other game I am considering is Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies for the Nintendo DS.


Which one should I get? Which one have you guys had a more pleasurable gaming experience with. Which one is better or makes you happier to play. I know that most of you people are going to say NEITHER get Dragon Quest VIII (Dragon Warrior eight for PS2.) Well I may eventually get to that one. But now I am just considering Dragon Warrior VII or Dragon Quest IX. Dragon Quest IX is a portable which is a plus because I travel and move a lot. I can take it with me. But if it sucks then I would like to know ahead of time and not get it! But I definitely want to get a dragon warrior game, just not sure which.


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Well, what did you decide?


I have the original DW7 for PS1 around here somewhere, but I've never played it. I didn't bother with 9. I recall something about the description of it made it seem like it wasn't something I'd care for.


I'd go for DW7 on the PS1 just for the merit of playing it on a full size screen instead of a portable.

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Hi Gabriel. I got Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS. I have mixed opinions about it. Some people might think that it is great. But.. I am actually tired of it. After about one hour! That is kind of rare for me with a video game too. Because I usually try my hardest to play through a game's faults. Being on a small screen isn't the issue with me. I guess the issue with me was it was a little repetitive with the battles. And I wasn't a big fan of doing the whole "run an errand" gimmick for the game. Games are supposed to be fun not running errands for people. I am probably going to sell the game on ebay. But thanks for your input. I hope Dragon Quest IX hasn't tainted or battered my gums too much for Dragon Quest games. Because I love the ones for the NES. Also Dragon Quest IX you can totally avoid battles by actually seeing the enemies on the overworld. I thought that was lame. I felt like there was potential for it to be a really really good game, by doing some radically different things and probably not calling itself Dragon Quest.

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