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Polygons (2d or 3d)


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Although I know the GPU is highly capable of doing 3D on it's own merit, I'm more of an "audio and visual" person starting off as comic book artist in my highschool year until I took up "Computer Aided Drafting" due to the lack of jobs for comic artist in my state... Even with computer animators and digital artist, the school I went to also had cgi and animation course and I hear about talanted artist who struggle to get real jobs in the art field; it seems that cgi artist are becoming a dime a dozen these days with everyone wanting in on the cgi and gaming bandwagon... It just isn't a sustainable field in some areas.


Getting back on topic, learning to program in Assembler has always been something I've taken interest in more than any other language thus the 68000 seems to be the most stable CPU to learn before drifting off into the other JagRISC... Learning BASIC is on my to-do-list, but it's Assembler that I really want to master to take advantage of the speeds.


The API does not render polygons. If you want to do 3D you could use the API to manage the framebuffers and draw the polygons into that. The blitter is available via the API.


I've been making plans to make an experimental 3D engine for Raptor using the 68000 as the main processor and as a learning tool for myself personally... But that's a long ways down the road; I have to get to know the API first so a couple or a few classic sprite games are perhaps in order. Is Raptor programming language exclusive to just BASIC or can Assembler be used to control the API in some way?

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I'm more of an "audio and visual" person starting off as comic book artist in my highschool year

Then you'll understand this analogy:

this is like planning to paint a masterpiece before mastering stick figures.


First things first. Start by experimenting with simple games in BASIC. The road to assembler and 3D engines is long.


Otherwise you'll end up like all those who spend years telling everyone how awesome their game will be, but never release anything.

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