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On 4/24/2021 at 5:59 AM, Frozone212 said:

Doom Eternal

So much better than 2016, if only for the removal of the timed rune challenges

I didn't like the "puzzles" and the forced jumping mechanics for some segments...it's well done but from my point of view platforming doesn't realy work out in a FPS, never has, still doesn't. I know original Doom also had some puzzles and searching for switches but it never felt like you are halted in blasting away demons where Eternal does...and it is not like you don't blast enough demons but these sections didn't feel like a change of pace or relief but merley annoying trying for the tenth time to do a jump over someplace to continue the action.


But talking about repeating and trying...I'm hooked to Dark Souls (Remastered) again... :-D

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I honestly don't play a lot on modern consoles, but I do have an XB1, and came across the latest Mortal Kombat when I was at Target recently. Thought it sounded like fun, and I have not been let down. The controls are so fluid, and it plays arcadey and fun. I went through many of the different tower levels which are reminiscent of the old school MK games, and enjoyed them quite a bit over a few nights. Then, I decided to check out the story mode, and that has been quite an adventure so far. I think I'm around the chapter 6 mark or so. Great game for those into 2D fighters. There's certainly a lot here to keep you busy. 

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