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Has anyone ever purchased a console bundle just for one game?


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As the title suggests, I just purchased an XEGS console bundle for nearly $200 (inclusive of shipping and sales tax) because it had the ever elusive Ms. Pac-Man XE-style gray cartridge that I had been seeking. Do other people do crazy things like this, too, or am I on an island, population one?


More curious than anything else.

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Many times. Sometimes because there is a super rare in the lot (a blue Apex 1972 Odyssey card) or because the BIN is so low that you're essentially getting the console and other games for free. I suspect that a lot of collecting budgets operate on selling off unwanted or duplicate items obtained when buying a rare in a console bundle.

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Glad it's not just me!


I'm curious, is the Ms Pacman cart with the XE grey label just a label variation or is the gameplay slightly different?

Same exact game. It's more than the label, though - it's the XEGS (blue label game) cartridge shell, but with an Atari Corp silver label. Only 11 games ever came in that variant.
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Of course I have. It'd be rare to find a collector here who hasn't done that. For example, I couldn't have finished off my Arcadia set any other way, nor my Channel F set. It's also how I have 2 full Studio II sets plus around 2 dozen spare games. It also happens with newer systems. I purchased a cheap lot of 360 sports games because the one game in there that I wanted (Backbreaker- it's really rare) was the only good copy on Ebay at the time. Sure, I have to deal with a small stack of junk games with little to no resale value, but it's worth it for the one gem.

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Atari Lynx, used qne working, seller didn't mention Hyperdome was included in the title and didn't show in thumbnail picture so there weren't many people bidding for it. Ended up paying a smidge over $100 for the Lynx and the game. Compared to average ebay price for working Lynx, I got the game nearly free! (kinda sucked anyway)

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I guess the key is to sell the extra, get some money back and keep what you need. If you get to the point where you can build a good sized fort out of extra consoles you're getting into hoarder territory.

Sadly true. Every time I do this I have every intention to sell off the extra. In the end time gets away or Im just too lazy to deal with selling and then my inventory pile grows. ☹

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