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Happy 25th, Atari Jaguar!


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It was 25 years ago today, on August 18, 1993, that Atari Corporation first revealed the Atari Jaguar:


From Don Thomas's ICWhen.com archive:

AUGUST 1993: Atari Corporation unveils the 64-bit Jaguar to the industry at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. By years end the Jaguar is made publicly available in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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I'm feeling old.


Over 25 years since i saw an early Beta version of AVP running on Gamesmaster TV show..UK Channel 4...


Sold the Jaguar to me in an instant.


If any UK magazine does an anniversary article on it, i pray some fresh voices involved with the Jaguar from Atari UK and USA are interviewed.


Ditto coders and artists.


For long term followers hearing likes of Darryl Still repeat the same old stories has gotten a little stale.


Arcade Attack have been doing superb work reaching fresher names, which proves the full story hasn't been told yet.

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And i'm too late...


Bought it cause it was cheap and couldn't afford other consoles. It was the underdog and i wanted a playstation.


Still, the Jaguar has become my favorite since none has felt that special since then. It's still the coolest looking console ever made and has my favorite versions of my two favorite games.(Doom and Wolf3D)


Tempest 2000 which i only got recently cemented that feeling even more...


Even the bad games are cool...

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