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How To Use This Forum (Please Read!)


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This forum is for advertising games and other items you'd like to offer for the price of shipping. Of course, you are willing to pay for the shipping if you truly want to make the item(s) "free". Here are some guidelines to follow (thanks to ApolloBoy for the genesis of these guidelines):


When offering...
  • Please start a new thread when you have one or more items you'd like to give away.
  • Use the title of the topic to clearly state what you are offering ("Atari 2600 Games", "ColecoVision Manuals", "Atari 8-bit computer hardware", etc.)
  • For each item you are giving away, name what you're offering, what system it's for, what condition it's in, and exactly what is included.
  • It's helpful to include photos.
  • Include related items together in one topic. If we believe you are clogging the forum by starting too many topics, we may ask you to start fewer threads.
  • Make sure to state in your post if shipping will be covered by you or by the claimer.
  • Please be honest about the condition of your item(s). If an item is in terrible condition or if it's almost flawless, please state so.
  • If you add items to a thread, edit the first post appropriately. You can also add a new post to your thread briefly mentioning what you have added to help bring attention to it.
When claiming...
  • If you're interested in an item (or items), send a PM to the offerer and tell them what you're interested in.
  • If the person asks that you cover shipping costs, work it out with the offerer in PMs.
  • Although it's not required, it's recommended that you offer something in turn of equal or near-equal value. If the offerer isn't interested, post it here where other people can check it out!
When your item is claimed...
  • Make a post saying that your item (or items) has been claimed. Please also edit the first post in your thread as well. If all the items in your topic have been claimed, please add the term, "GONE" to your topic title. You will need to edit the first post in the thread by clicking the "Edit" button, and then get into the full editor by clicking the "Use Full Editor" button. You should then be able to edit the topic title.
  • Please start a new thread if you have a new item or items to offer, most especially if they are not related to what you previously listed.

The inspiration from this forum comes from a series of threads in the Marketplace forum where people were listing items they wanted to give away. Here is the last such thread, and there are older ones as well.


You can Subscribe to this forum to receive notifications any time new threads are started. Click the blue "Follow this forum" button near the top of the page when viewing the forum.


If you have any questions or want to offer suggestions, please feel free to comment below.



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