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In your opinion which we're the best atari 2600 commercials?

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Might want to fix the title, the Grammar Police in me wants to make a citizen's arrest?


Vanguard was a great one, with that ridiculous jock at the end and his neanderthalic grunt...my personal fave is Megamania, followed closely by Pitfall!


Both Activision, but hope they can be included. They had the best commercials for the VCS in my opinion.


My most nostalgic commercial for the Atari though was a McDonalds promotion, where they had scratch cards. All I can remember from it is at the end of the commercial this kid sitting at a table in the restaurant, saying "Space Invaders!" while a row of 80s superimposed invaders march down the tv screen towards him.


I tracked down all the others on youtube except that one. Elusive, like the Parker Brothers Frogger commercial, knly it wasn't for the game but like a 'fan club' or activity book...strange! Knight Rider did somehkng similar, with "K.I.T.T. Kit", a promotional hing for the show where you could get blueprints amd other stuff based in the show...like an early fan club of sorts. Can't find any reference on google for that one either.

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