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ABBUC hardware contest entry: Pokeymax


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Any updates on this project?

Id like to say yes but it wouldnt be true!


I made a prototype gtia and 6502 to match. I had some issues with antic though.


For now Im focusing on my other projects but Im sure Ill get back to this one again at some point.

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Is it possible to have output pins for each of the 4 channels?

That would allow focused external manipulation.

There are actually 4 outputs: 3 on header and the 4th to the pokey audio output. Could make a mono core with a channel to each if you like?

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I mean the following, having in mind an example for only 1 Pokey (mono audio).


The first post says:

Features: Pins for 3 audio outputs (left channel / right channel / mixed).


Then looking the layout, and for a mono audio: Left = Right = Mixed:



But the Pokey contains 4 audio channels with separate frequency, noise and voice level controls (AU1, AU2, AU3, AU4). I guess the output signal is just the combination of the 4 channels: Mixed = AU1 + AU2 + AU3 + AU4.



So, besides the current 3 output Pins (left / right / mixed), is it possible a PCB layout with 7 output Pins?: Left, Right, Mixed, AU1, AU2, AU3, AU4.


Or as you said, having already 4 outputs with a mono core, the following configuration for example:

Left = AU1

Right = AU2

Mixed = AU3

A4 = AU4


So in that scenario would be possible to have an individual Pin for each of the 4 channels.


I mean, if it's possible to have each channel in a Pin, it would be great, because that will allow to recreate for the first time a real Stereo sound, starting from a mono software. For example AU1 + AU2 to the left speaker and AU3 + AU4 to the right speaker, or some good combination.





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Or if one is going to use it to produce music in a studio setting, it would be extremely handy if each channel has a separate output. You could route channel 1 to a flanger, channel 2 to a reverb, etc.... Otherwise you have to record each channel separately with the rest muted. And in a live setting that's not even possible.

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