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Help with Apple to 5200 joystick mod


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Is it possible to add resistance to the liniar pots inside a apple joystick to get it up to 500k to use with a 5200.

Obviously there is much more than just the pots that need attention but this is the only part I'm currently looking

for some help\advice on. I know this sounds too simple to work but I'm down to try :) The apple joysticks

have a 150ohms resistance and I was considering adding the equal to 350ohms on one end of the variable

resistor. Is this a pipe dream or possible?



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Short answer is no.


If the apple pots were a higher value than those used by the Atari you could but a resistor in parallel to reduce it to the correct value, as they are not using a parallel resistance will always be lower than you want.


Putting a resistor in series will not work either, although the total resistance would be the same the result is not. For example if you have a 10K pot the resistance ranges is 0 - 10K, if you have a 5K pot and put a 5K resistor in series while the total resistance will be 10K the range will only be 5K - 10K which is not the same as a 10K pot.

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