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ST 1040 power voltage pins


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There's been a few discussions on the STF's power supply requirements, below is one:




The red lines are +5V. The black lines are ground. The blue is +12V. This is the same for the STF, STE, Mega ST and Atari PC1.


From memory the +5V needs about 2A. The +12V much less. Maybe 0.5A? In the thread referenced you can see they used Pico and ATX PSUs to drive the Atari, the Mean Well RT50B will also drive it, as will the excellent replacement PSUs from Exxos' web store:



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The 12V line isn't really needed at all. Only older FDDs use it, if you have a Gotek or HxC Floppy Emulator, you don't need it at all. It is also available on the monitor port (via the resistor) and is used by some TVs to switch to SCART-RGB mode, also UbeSwitch uses it for power.

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