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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


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"Get out your card decks and backgammon boards, lucky Buck is Back"




[Featured in the 03 version.]




[Due to flicker effect, above is a combination of two screen shots.]



Recently played Buck Rogers on the Retron 77 and enjoyed it, but said to myself the same thing I've said over the years "If only Buck Rogers had a Thunderfighter like in the 1980s TV show. OH WAIT... I sprite hack now!" :D


I'll try to make other adjustments, but so far the fonts and the ship are designed to match the show with Gil Gerard.


Shame Twiki can't make an appearance. ;)






Buck Rogers-25th Century 01 .bin

Buck Rogers-25th Century 02 .bin

Buck Rogers-25th Century 03 .bin

Buck Rogers-25th Century 04 .bin

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Had a lot of fun recently. Somewhere between operating a 1980's Buck Rogers Thunderfighter/Starfighter and some Def Leopard music kicking in my Cybermorph training I got to around level 8 and the score you see below. Need to finish this hack for sure. :D



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This game is coming back into the radar for me. Created version 3 tonight where I changed the intro screen from the thunderfighter picture to "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century". See what more I can change to have this match the look of the show like the enemies and stargates.

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We are in a new year, and I am slowly adding improvements. In version 4 we have the enemy fighters designed more like the hatchet Draconian fighters. More changes to come in 2019.


(Also plan on looking into the Atari 800/5200 versions too in this year)




[Thunderfighter toy i recently fully restored.)









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So opening this up for ideas.   I have fun hacking this game off and on.


I am happy with the game fonts.  I am almost happy with the opening graphic.

We have hatchet fighters in revision 4.

The boss ship I can change to a Draconian flagship.   A really fast moving one though.  ?


Thinking I can change the Stargates to ones like in the show.


For the main ship, I have a model of the Thunderfighter, so I might touch that up more.


The laser direction fire at the boss level is just weird.  Might play with that some more.


Not really sure what to make of the bouncing opponent.  Was tempted as  joke to make him look somewhat like Twiki but that is crazy.  :D


Anyway, warming up to doing more on this, love to hear some ideas.

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