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New box upgrade option in store?

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I just noticed that several games can now be bought without box or with a box upgrade (~$15). That's great because the lower price may attract more people who just want to play the games or support homebrewing.


Was that option announced by Al? And how long does this option exist?

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I haven't announced it yet, as I just did this yesterday. I'll post something to the forum and the store in the next day or two. The games affected:




Super Cobra Arcade

Space Cactus Canyon


Panky the Panda




Next, I'm going to add a bunch of (PAL-only) 2600 demos from SvOlli.




When I ordered 5200 Tempest from the AA store a few months ago it only came with cart and manual. When I recently asked Marc Oberhäuser about buying his Tempest 5200 box, he did it was an AA exclusive box and I would have to order it through AA, but I dont see a box only in the store for the Tempest 5200 game. How do I get this box? Thanks.


Edit: I figured this out. Never realized the fixed version was five years old.

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