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Miner Bob altrernative sprite


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what do you think of Bob's new look ?

Ideally I would like to hack Miner 2049er with redesigned sprites, but I wouldn't know where to start..so I start with the sprites.

I couldn't find a complete sprite sheet of the game, so I look at screenshots..

It is 12x21 (Spritepad)

3 colors + transparency


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Thanks !!

I based him on the artwork of the game (I tried to give him a bushy beard :-D)

Its a little marioesque looking, but there is not many things you can do in a few pixels.. maybe its the pallete.. I don't know.

Can you point me to a full Miner 2049er sprite sheet ?

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So I can see how this would work, but you will need to break these images up into layers.


Layer 0 could be the shirt and pants and beard and hat. At this time lite blue.


Layer 1 could be the face and suspenders. At this time flesh color.


Layer 2 could be the arms and feet. At this time white.



Sooo doable. And colors can be changed. Seems to be three layers/three colors. But then why is the hat green? A fourth layer?


And since this is your project, did you want to try your hand at hack-o-matic? I would recommend Hack-O-Matic 3.0.0 as it does not load in the next two versions for me. But then, 3.0.2 is as high as it works under Wine on the Mac.


I could give it a try, but figure I'd ask as this is your baby. :D


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Green is the combination of blue and orange (according to the article) its not needed here.

I will finish the remaining climbing frames, I will separate the 3 layers, and I think I'm done (the baddies what are they supposed to be ?? skulls ??)


As I said before I don't know the first thing about hacking (I want to learn eventually..) , So if you feel like it go ahead !

Funny fact: I searched for an hour to find the buggy sprite in moon patrol to change it (I have a good one)... no luck.. :(

Thanks for the support ;)

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I think I'm done.. (maybe I tweak them some more when I see them in action.. :-D)


walking animation is (1-2-3-2) and it cycles back,

climbing animation (5-6) alternate and (7) get off ladder..

jumping is only one frame (4) and I think its reused on sliding ?

in death Bob puts up a disappearing act.. so no sprite needed ?!?


I work on sprite pad (c64 tool) it has many export options, so tell me in what form to export them, to be usable !

Tell me what you think.. next in line is 5200 moon patrol !!


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Not bad. Alright, I'm looking at the cells and layers.


Speaking in original colors

Lite blue (which will be the blue layer)



First off, there is reason why we say 8 bit. Bounty Bob is 8 bits/pixels wide.


Hat is 3 pixels high

Face is 6 pixels

9 pixels for the body.

--18 pixels total so far.



Pinkish/Red layer


Same amount of pixels as the lite blue layer.

Neither of these two layer go to the feet.



White layer (normally the legs and hands)


This layer starts right where the body starts, so the hat and head will not be included in this layer.

So this layer has... I believe, so this has 12 pixels from the bottom of the feet to the top of the torso.


Bounty Bob if I read this right is 21 pixels high and 8 pixels wide.


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Did some tinkering...




How can make the awesome face highlights if white does not go as high as the face? Use blue to separate the red face from the red beard. Or black (no pixels)


Or make the beard blue...


... this is dumb, need to find those color codes then we can use whatever three colors we want with two colors for the head and body and one color for the torso and feet.


See what I can do, but at this time no promises. (As I have never hunted down color on a Atari 800 game unless the game was ported over 2600 code.)

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Bummer.. I thought the three layers were the same dimensions..

Even if we resolve the color problem, we must shrink the sprites to 8 pixels wide... :(

I will give it a try


Yeh I thought they were same dimensions too. Never know about these things till you tinker with them a bit.


Still trying to figure out the colors.

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Haven't found the color locations yet, but I did run across a hack without mutants. :) Well there is Fred on the upper level but he only smiles when you grab prizes.


And this picture where some of the levels were missing. Love it.


Still looking.

Miner 2049er 800 No Mutant 0B91.rom

Miner 2049er 800-No Mutant 3818 381a.rom


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Here's something I could use some feedback on. I've taken a color sample of the face area on Bob and compared it with the Atari 2600 color pallet that's in Hack-O-Matic 3. Color codes have worked before so giving this a shot, and finding by this method has worked (on a Atari 2600 game) but you have to get the exact right hue, try replacing the values and seeing what happens.


So I'm running a series of tests looking for the closest match I see, which is "48", and might try "49" next. But what color code do you think closest matches?


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TIX has just posted a reply to a topic that you have subscribed to titled "Miner Bob altrernative sprite".

"I think it is closer to 3A-3B"




Good news, made a breakthrough!


The 3A-3B suggestion got me looking into the 36-3C range where all day I was looking in the 45-49 range. Found the face color at 36, the blue with A9, and the white boots at 0F. That made sense.






Miner 2049er USA! USA!.rom


So we have the colors lined up. Well, ok, first off, in the head area we only get two colors. Right now we get blue and white. Perhaps we can do a blue outline of a black beard?


Torso area we got red, white, and blue.


Legs we got red!


So as for the sprites, any chance you can blow them up and show grid lines and I'll see what I can do.

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Miner 2049er USA! USA! 02.rom


Let's get that hat standing out a bit more blue.


So with the head you actually have three colors


1) White

2) Light blue (combination of white and blue)

3) Blue.


Not much to choose from but as I see it we could give Bob either a light blue beard, or a black beard with an outline of the colors I mentioned above.


Not the red you were looking for for the beard I realize, but at least this sprite hack is now MOSTLY possible the way you were envisioning. (as it is currently programmed.)

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