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Captains Harlynx


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This post would get more views and comments on the general forum instead of the programmer ones.


I really really like how the level start, and also the fact that you seem to have a shoot'em up engine up and running, great job!

I'm a bit concerned by the size of the player sprite though, as the core loop of such games is not just to shoot but also to avoid stuff...


But great job anyway and please keep working on it!

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Thanks for your positives returns and encourageaous message

you can find now a new video on you tube :

this new version was done during last 3 month with lot of works on segments management and help from Karri for memory management !

As you can see, that's works well

I just have began the second level (the first in chronology of Harlock story)

I keep you in touch with further developments


An article was also on the very good website atariGamer




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Nice !


As you are french, do you intend to come to the next AC near Paris in April ?

It would be a great occasion to meet other retro enthusiasts and retro developper (including Lynx of course) and demonstrate Captain Harlynx.

Note : same invitation goes to all Lynx enthusiasts in Europe or woldwide ;)

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Well done Bob: very good idea and it really looks promising.

I noticed your Atlantis is the one from Albator 84 and not the first version of Albator 1978 (yes I call Captain Harlock Albator as like you I am French)



I loved the Albator movie made on Apple II by Antoine Vignau in low res:


That would really be great if you can complete your game so we can play the space pirate on our Lynx :)

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Thanks for sharing yet another amazing update. @LordKraken's earlier comment on making the ship sprite smaller is very justified especially after seeing this last video. The ship feels way too big, but everything else looks great. I love that you have a cut scene animation sequence there too.

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Just discovered this thread and like it very much.


What kind of support do you need to keep on moving?


To me the game looks very nice already, but like others mentioned, I think, the main ship could be a little smaller as it eats a lot of screen size.

Keep on coding! :)

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