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My post got blocked

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I was just asking a few questions on the atari 2600 page and my post got blocked. Do you have any idea why? I can't access it through my account.




The post is not "blocked" or "locked, " in the sense that a moderator closed the thread. Like Thomas Jentzsch said, a post loses the ability to be edited after a while. This is normal in AtariAge forums.


Just ask a moderator for access to edit the first post in the thread, and you'll be fine. :)



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I see what happened, it looks like you are/were using Tapatalk when you created that topic. Unfortunately, Tapatalk is broken on this version of the forum software, and when creating a topic it will tell you an error occurred. However, that error is a lie, and the topic really was posted. You then created the same topic two more times, so there were three copies of the, "Repairing a driving controller and a light sixer" topic.


Two of those topics were deleted, and one of them still remains:




If you created other topics like this, its possible the same thing happened. Everyone should be able to see the topic I linked above, although I see nobody has responded to it yet.



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