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Nicalis - My favorite Switch game publisher


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All I need to see is that Nicalis logo on a switch game and it is a day one purchase. This publisher is fantastic. Not only do they publish some really fantastic games (Binding Of Isaac, Runner 3, Wonderboy) but they manage to cram all of these goodies into their launch editions like keychains and full color manuals...all for usually around $30.


I managed to inch in the last 20% off preorder on Amazon for Blade Strangers yesterday (making this $39.99 title $31.99) right before Amazon cancelled the whole 20% off pre-order thing, and it is arriving tomorrow. It's like a celebration of previous Nicalis releases with characters from their published games in a 2D SNK-like fighting game. It looks awesome, and again comes with first launch goodness.


Who else looks out for the Nicalis releases?

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I do, can't say I've enjoyed them all, but when there's a game I like they have put out with their usual amazing printed manual and other goodies I'll snap it up. I've had Isaac but couldn't get into that, same with Tiny Barbarian so they're out, but I do have Cave Story and Wonderboy on the shelf and just put an order in for Code of Princess EX too. Dumb ebay fouled my order up with the 15% off discount so it was retail priced on a new one so not too bad, they did comp me a 30 day $15 coupon for the error. :)


I like the care they put into stuff. They're a small company and make the bigger fish just look tight fisted and stupid in my opinion. You have all these decades old super companies with 100s of millions of value to their assets if not higher and they won't put down for a simple manual, or some other cutesy little thing of some sentimental value at all. Then you have the likes of the B-tier in size stuff like Atlus who have done people right for awhile with same priced goods and an audio disc or something neat for the same price like on the DS (Ys 1+2 had the full audio score on CD.) Others do the minimum or some crazy so called collector's box and they go for a good bit larger. Then you have this penny ante sized operation like Nicalis, and you get keychains, manuals, maps, and other fun stuff in the case for the same flat price. A simple thank you for buying the game in the first weeks/months it's out before they have to do a second run of things.


I truly love and appreciate printed manuals still because they give you a nice touch with more good story, an easy layout to know what to expect for controls, maybe some awesome art and drawing works on the pages, other fun factoids or hints like it's the 80s/90s all over again. Far far more helpful than forced trainers, obtuse fetch quests and 20min of dragged out hell over processes.


I've considered looking into more of their releases, but I didn't see a huge bit that grabbed me other than maybe Ittle Dew 2, just not sure. I bet you they end up doing Streets of Rage 4 given the team under it mostly is the same that was Wonderboy they put out and I'd be all over that awesomeness. You know they'd throw a manual, keychain, and audio disc at it at the least like some games get like Code of Princess EX got.


I'm well known to be on a budget so I have to buy to to profit to get stuff I want or sell off things I have in most cases so I really value their tactics down to the goodies and price point even more. You get a LOT for what they're asking, well deserved of support in my book.

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I couldn't have better said it myself ;) I really love those mini audio CD soundtracks too. So much better than some download code. Other companies don't do this, but obviously they can considering this little outfit can do it. I completely support them and I believe I have every one of their releases to date. And, Ittle Dew 2 is pretty good BTW :)

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