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batariBasic Atarivox Question


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Is there away for bataribasic to send phrases to the atarivox without using the data statement?


I would like to generate the phrases dynamically. Having to use the data statements requires the phrases to be hard coded.



Ultimately what I want to do is create a program that can modify 6 or so variables each a speakerjet code and then send it to the AtariVox.

With this I could try different combos until i got the sound I wanted.

I have challeneges when it comes to creating the phrases and getting the results i want. This tool would greatly help me in that endeavor


Thanks for your time and any help you can provide

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Looking at RevEng's bB example and the SpeakJet driver, I really think you can just pass a bB variable to the SPEAK macro, and fill that variable and succeeding variables with the data you need. Here's a modified version of RevEng's bB "game over" example, modified to use RAM instead of ROM. It compiles, but is otherwise untested, since I'm not in the same city as my AtariVox at the moment.





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[edit - Karl G scooped me. :thumbsup: ]


In bB, RAM and ROM are just memory locations. Usually what you do to one, you can do to another. (except writing to ROM, of course)


For your utility, you can point the SPEAK command at a bB variable, and it will keep moving through consecutive variables until it finds one containing the 255 terminator.

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